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With the brand's Promotional strategy, selff had to be effective in targeting Gen z consumers successfully, so using both a social media platform, and also an online platform. Gen z consumers are very aware of social and political issues within todays society, and are mainly informed using social media platforms; thus this was a need for the brand to use as a promotional strategy.

additionally, an event was planned for the launch of the magazine, located in Manchester. Through research the gen z market want to gain an experience from a brand, so that was an ideal promotional strategy for the brand to gain loyal customers, and hopefully create organic marketing through wOM (Word of Mouth). to create an event a marketing plan was set up to make the use of the social media platform. an instagram story was curated which would be a paid promotion, and would be advertised to consumers with similar interests, and geographic to the brand. This can be seen on the right, with the addition of the e-ticket to attend the event. 

at the event there will be a live talk with a guest speaker, in which will be then recorded and released as a podcast for the brand. 

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