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For this workshop, we were given the task to respond to the Misguided Winter slogan for 2018 "say what, Winter?", and come up with a 20 second promo style video for the brand. we worked within a group of 6/7 people, and come up with the idea of basing our video mostly on styling various coats, as that is what customers mostly buy before the winter season comes. as there was two of us wearing coats this was perfect for the video. shown above is our video we made as a result.  


WE CREATED A FEW MOODBOARDS BEFORE WE BEGAN OUR SHOOT with various ideas such as THE STYLE, LOcaTION AND SHOOTING WE WANTED OUR VIDEO TO CONTAIN. ABOVE IS A STYLE AND LOOK CONCEPT BOARD.  we wanted to definitely relate the video effectively to missguided successfully, and knew that missguided are always up to date with the trends within fashion and social media. also, we realised that missguided take a lot of inspiration from current high-end runway collections, so this moodboard takes some styles from fashion week street style of the puffa jacket and long casual coats.


we wanted the location to relate to this street style trend, which we used the location of a industrial car park roof top, and an entrance to an underground walk way with graffiti surrounding the walls. furthermore, the music we chose creates an empowering, funky feel towards the video making it more attractive for their target market of 16-35 year old women looking for clothing that make them feel strong as women, and on trend at an affordable price. as a result, i feel that this creation we produced for this workshop was successful, and i will definitely use the techniques we have learnt in the future for this course. 



curated also by phoebe squires, maisie de freitas, ida johnsen, olivia mayfield and millie peach  

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