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for this workshop we were given the task of creating a Brand from scratch, and create a new campaign for this specific brand. This campaign had to include a concept or identity for the brand, to keep the audience intrigued, and attracted to the new brand we were promoting. The video had to be around 45-60 seconds long, and may include political, social or cultural issues within society today. we began with what our brand would be based around, and as our group we were all wearing jeans, and that began our first idea towards our brand. 


AS WE REALISED THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT STYLES, SHAPES AND COLOURS JEANS COME IN, CUSTOMERS ALWAYS WANT TO FEEL GOOD AND COMFORTABLE IN THEIR FAVOURITE PAIR OF JEANS. WE THEN REALISED THERE WAS A BIG SOCIAL OPINION OF ACCEPTING WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON, and respecting YOUR BODY AND APPEARANCE as an individual of who you are. Additionally, we thought of the sustainable side of the industry, that is taking a big leap within fashion, and retailers, so we decided to look into this issue further and introduce sustainable resources within our brand. Using sustainable cotton, less chemically dye, reducing our water intake per jean. Plus making the brand a local in manchester, making it accessible for every market.


As a group we came up with the brand name 'genes', which is a homophone of the word 'jeans'. also, we that 'genes' could also symbolise how our customers get to know where the cotton, and materials are from and sourced, and who makes them, creating a dna for our jeans. our promotional campaign included a variation of different colours, and styles of jeans, also included different sizes, ethnicity, and style of women within the video, indicating our broad market of women wanting to feel, and express themselves in environmentally friendly sourced jeans.   

we decided to make the brand 'Genes' attainable to all markets, making the price point a bit higher compared to high-street brands, and making the style within the video very casual, and street wear inspired. that also determined our location being mostly shot outside, and our main focus on the models everyday, casual day within their jeans. 

placed above, is our presentation with further information on our brand, and our ideas of what we believe and give to our customers. the overall idea for our brand and concept was quite successful, however i think that we maybe needed to work more on our skills and techniques within the promotional video, as the content was not great quality. we did not really focus on the main piece which is jeans, and that isn't very clear within the campaign. plus, we had a few shaky shots, and could have edited more out of some scenes. additionally, The choice of music was not successful, as the quality was quite bad, so next time i create another video or campaign, i need to do further research with music. we were not able to finish the whole video, however this was our end result that we presented, and was able to get feedback from both our lecturer, and other groups.  


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