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THIS SHOOT CONSISTED OF JADE SHIELDS FINAL GRADUATE COLLECTION FOR HER fashion design, which we were able to feature her work within our fashion futures magazine for our unit. our magazine consisted of various creatives who were either present or had graduated from manchester metropolitan fashion institute. we were able to get a hold of a few graduated students, which was really helpful for our work. 

her work was inspired by gothic romantic themes, and looked into the equality between both genders. her work was very romantic with the over sized ruffle, and lace, and really worked with the model we chose to wear these garments. the location we chose to take these photos were in the basement of an art gallery, which gave the garments the resemblance of the chosen themes jade chose to base her pieces on. overall, the look and feel of these photos were really effectively for our final piece of fashion futures magazine. above are the pdf, and instagram account of our work. 

curated also by matt atherton, ida johnsen, oliiva mayfield and eve broadbent 


model dylan roberts  

garments made by jade shields 

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