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MY PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WITH MY CV HAS DEFINITELY progressed within the past few months, going from a simple black and white word document, i have progressed to a minimal creative cv. i was able to develop my cv as i have started to apply for numerous placements, and i wanted them to see my skills from adobe creative suite, as my cv has been produced on illustrator. 

i have had different feedback, and advice from people that come from various backgrounds, such as my dad who works with management and logistics, my lecturer who works within the fashion industry and another who works within recruitment. from these different areas, i have had feedback how my language should be written, and the layout of my CV. most of these opinions i have taken into account, however i do feel that it is personal preference how my cv should look, and how it expresses my work and personality. my cv still needs some work to be perfect so if you have any advice, contact me on my About me page.

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